We’re excited to introduce our new Shake ‘n Roll electronic dice!  This is a battery-powered self-contained dice that you shake to operate.  Two die faces comprised of LEDs light up to show the dice pips.  All 14 LED’s are driven by only an 8-pin microprocessor!  Check out our blog to see how we do this and learn more by perusing our source code and the published schematics.

Starting today we are introducing a new design service where we will help you realize your dream by helping to design, route, and produce your custom professional-quality PCBs.  If you have an idea or a circuit that you would like to see working, contact us now for a free estimate.  Send us a schematic or your concept along with as much information as you have and we’ll do the rest.

Part of our philosophy has always been to publish our designs so you can learn about electronics and software.  Knowing how a good design works will help you improve your own projects.  Take a look at the products in our store and see what makes them tick.

If you there’s anything you’d like to see please email us.



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