Design Services


We have 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of multi-layer printed circuit boards (PCBs) which include both through-hole and surface-mount components with applications including space station electronics, aerospace/aviation controllers, industrial data loggers, and commercial/hobbyist designs. 

We have experience with low-voltage switching power supply design and implementation; low-power data acquisition systems; microprocessor and microcomputer boards; telemetry systems including industrial, cellular and Bluetooth radios; low-energy battery-powered equipment with multi-year battery life; USB-based host and slave connected microprocessors; LED/LCD interface and driver designs, analog and digital circuitry, FPGAs, and much more.

We use the latest CAD software (called DipTrace) and can work with BGAs, high-speed routing, rigid and flex PCBs, and can produce 3D circuit models with STEP and VRML outputs.  All our designs are hand-routed/placed for the best design quality but we can also auto-route designs for lower costs.  If you have an existing circuit design and need a PCB, we accept net lists in Accel, Allegro, DipTrace, Mentor, PADS, P-CAD, Protel, and Tango formats.

Contact us here with your specific requirements and we’ll provide a free quotation for the work including circuit design, PCB layout, prototype testing, firmware design/test, and manufacturing runs.  Each project is split up into multiple phases which have specific deliverables based on your needs.  We do not proceed to the next project phase until you are 100% satisfied with our work and deliverables.

Typical Design

  1. 1.Requirements and design constraint definition.
    Typical products: Requirements, System Block diagram.

  2. 2.Initial Design. Typical Products: preliminary schematic.

  3. 3.Detailed Design. Typical products: Detailed schematic.

  4. 4.Preliminary PCB design.  Typical products: PCB outline mechanical definition and critical component placement (i.e., connectors/LCDs/LEDs, etc.)

  5. 5.Detailed PCB design.  Typical products: placed and routed PCB, mechanical 3D models.

  6. 6.Prototyping.  Typical products: initial prototype PCB and/or populated circuit, testing results.

  7. 7.Pre-production: Initial production run with limited quantities.

  8. 8.Final Production: Large quantity production run.

Design Services